Control The Storm

25. července 2010 v 18:57 | Ina |  Texty
Control The Storm

I can feel it grow
Starting like a little storm
Itching in my toes
but its will to take over
ain't quite that small
I can feel it grow
I can hear it moan
I can hear its' bitter cries
In my veins it crawls
underneath my tongue it hides
I'm in control
An error in my genesis 
the reason why I started this
Where did we go wrong?
Don't you know
in the end you're no stronger of hand
You are no stronger of heart
Don't you know
In the end, we'll be tragically torn apart
If we can't control the storm
Does it get to you?
Fury in your fingertips
Does it get you too?
Turning hands to angry fists
In ragefull bliss
Oh does it get to you?
Crying all your lullabies
Do you lick your wounds
wondering how we could try
to stop this useless fight

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