I'll reach you

28. července 2010 v 16:09 | Ina |  Texty
I'll reach you

Remember when you walked out
into the rain
The railroad and the sky were 
calling your name

Can you hear them whisper:
"Come and get lost with us"

You've been chasing shadows
In your hometown
You searched for answers
who refused ever to be found

So you compromised
and found a new horizon 

Ever since you left you're
Always on my mind 

So here's to you if you care to listen
here's to you let me cross the distance

Even if you're not here
I'll reach you, I'll reach you
Even though you're away, I'm near
We'll forgive and forget
I'll reach you

Seven years and seven days 
you've been gone
Seven years of changing
faith and opinion

Would you recognize me
If you walked beside me
I would keep on waiting
It's been too long

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